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Profit Calculator for eBay

eBay doesn't always make it easy to calculate their fees, so use this calculator to calculate those fees and determine your margins.


CGC/BGS Subgrade Calculator

Grading your cards and want to know how CGC/BGS would grade your final grade? Use this calculator to tabulate final grades based on your subgrades.

Final Grader

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Card Sniper

Tired of flipping scrolling through listings from all of the different marketplaces looking for cards? Look no further! Card Sniper aggregates active listings from across Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and Mercari so that you can search for what you're looking for all in one place.

Coming Soon!


Collect Pokemon cards like a damn adult! Scan cards to your virtual library and check on your collection's worth daily. Turn your collection into a nest egg with the tools you need to monitor and evaluate your collecting position.

Coming Soon!